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CASA is an NGO based in Edea (Cameroon), which holds the mission of providing education, health, and nutrition to the orphans, street children and elderly residents under its care. Already challenged by inadequate facilities and equipment, the recent death of CASA’s host and main financier has left the organization in a dire situation and in urgent need of a sustainable solution. The design and techniques are based on principals of Permaculture and Earthship Biotecture: Construction using local, natural and recycled materials
Bioclimatic design suited for the tropical region
Rainwater harvesting and treatment of waste waters on site
Renewable energy and self-sustaining technologies
Food production through agro-ecology
Training and medical facilities
Activities generating revenue

With 10k we would be able to finish off the children’s’ house and have it completely off-grid, expand the agriculture to be self-sufficient and have a functional kitchen for the center.