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This 1st phase of the project consists in producing one hundred and five thousand (105,000) plants per year according to the following speculations and quantities: – Cocoa trees: 30 000 plants – Plantain bananas: 30,000 plants – Oranges: 5,000 plants – Grapefruit: 5,000 plants – Lemons: 5,000 plants – Mandarins: 5,000 plants – Avocados: 5,000 plants – Mangos: 5,000 plants – Wild Mangos: 5,000 plants – Saffoutiers: 5,000 plants – Corossoliers: 5,000 plants

To set up a nursery, it is necessary to respect the canvas of assembly of a nursery. 1- First there is the choice of the site 2- Afterwards, it is the development of the site (clearing, cleaning, etc.) 3- Construction of culture greenhouses (based on examples in photos above – from experts who will be part of project) 4- The semi of the seeds in the greenhouses 5- Development of a water harvesting and/or well 6- Acquisition of equipment (watering) and agricultural equipment 7- Acquisition of plant material (seed) After the establishment of the nursery, there is a lot of technical work, including: 1- The choice of the earth (black, sandy, etc.) 2- The filling of the sachets 3- The classification of sachets 4- The construction of the shades 5- The treatment of sachets 6- Transplantation of young plants from greenhouses to the sachets 7- The permanent maintenance (watering, fungal treatment, etc.) which is the longest step (at least 3 months) to prevent the plants being stunted

To do list: 1- Preparation of test plots, to check the good growth of the seeds 2- Delivery of seeds to potential buyers, where it will be necessary to rent vehicles for the delivery of seedlings 3- The monitoring of plantations, which can take several years 4- To envisage the purchase of a ground of an area of ​​approximately 500 ha for the 2nd phase (to create pools of activities such as the plantations of 100 ha each, the creation of the nurseries (banana-plantain, cocoa, white pepper, citrus fruits, fruit trees and vegetables), staff training) 5- Provide for the acquisition of rolling stock, agricultural equipment, intrans, plant material and watering equipment 6- Anticipate the acquisition of offices, warehouses, 7- Provide another site of about 50 ha for breeding, fish farming, ecotourism, etc.